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    Today, I want to get a conversation going on genuine feedback of which I would like to see for the app. It's nice that there are a lot of passionate fans out there wanting to only praise it, but there is genuine honest feedback that I feel needs to be said, and so here it is. 1) I really really think that the app needs to open up videos for ALL users on the platform. You are not going to be able to come close to YouTube's level if every single potential creator has to submit an application before they can even begin to make content. Perhaps it's just a way of not stressing out the servers, and that's fine, but at some point I hope we get to that point. I know there is concern of it turning into a clickbait site that YouTube is, but having trust that the creators on your platform will be able to make the content you want to see and not turn into another Vine, Tik Tok, or whatever, is a huge part of this. It's nice hearing how well these creators are doing on the app, especially Jesse and such, but right now it does feel more in favor of the community that already exists, the creators that already have a following, and not in favor of any new creators who want to try something out that may not be something that is entirely story based or even series based. 2) The app navigation is not good at all, and perhaps that's being worked on. Second bring back the categories, but also allow people to put in tags, as well as move the forum onto the main app. Just like it doesn't make sense for YouTubers to have to use Twitter to communicate with their viewers, it also doesn't make sense for viewers to have to go to a different website in order to communicate with others. Here's some more ideas that kind of stem off of the critiques that would 100% benefit the app (especially after the video content opens up): - Allow reaction videos on Storyfire. Reactors are a huge part of the community like Brandie333 and Kinglink86, and since they aren't allowed to react to them on YouTube, why not allow them to do so on Storyfire. Opening the gates for people to be able to react and engage with content on the app, would be tremendous. Not just for videos from Jesse but any other creator on the app. The reaction videos can be restricted to ONLY content on the app to avoid any concerns with copyright or something like that. - Allow vlogs, podcasts, and gaming content onto the app. While at first glance, they may seem like cheap clickbait content on YouTube, all three can be 100% quality when people aren't having to battle algorithms that censor every other word and phrase. Instead of people having to worry about what they say, or the games they play, or the places they go, they would be able to produce real, genuine, unfiltered content and not have to worry about any of that. - This one is definitely a stretch and would be ambitious, but implementing an editor on the website would also be something to consider. That way people don't have to worry about paying for expensive programs like Sony Vega or Adobe Premiere. Perhaps it could be made into a separate app similar to how YouTube has their YouTube Dashboard app. People could edit their videos, save them as drafts for later, and pick up right where they left off without having to load up 10 different programs or something like that. Again ambitious, but something to consider. I think YouTube tried to do something like this a bit ago, but it never became a reality or worked well at all. - Closed Captions are an absolute must for videos. Obviously the stories don't need captions, but videos do. I've noticed none of the videos on Storyfire have an option to even turn on automatic subtitles. Perhaps it's being looked into, but definitely having the ability to transcribe and also translate for more accessibility. Especially if you want this to be a serious competitor with YouTube, closed captions and translations is a must have. It will expand the app out to hearing impaired as well as foreign/international people. That's all I have for right now. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts. Genuine, honest feedback for the app as well as ideas you would want to see implemented at some point. I know that all of these take time to implement and obviously won't be done in a day, and perhaps they're already being worked on, but still it's better to say something and have it echo than not say it at all and regret it later.
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    Hello my my name is Josh Gutierrez im new here i hope we get to get along very well
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