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    I'm making a new series called "Summer Time Blog Series". I'm trying to write what I did for the summer. Might have some personal stuff as well. Follow me if you haven't already my username is JuggieGirl92 on storyfire.
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    Being from the Uk, and wanting to meet the guy's and females behind your channel it would be nan amazing experience. Do you have any future plans to tour and do a meet and greet in the United Kingdom?
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    With my fandoms I usually keep to myself
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    I still think that theory is amazing i hope whatever it is will be an awesome storyline
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    We were chatting about this in our Twitter chat earlier and something hit me.... As you prolly know Jesse LOVES putting book, movie and TV show tie-in's into his series and mini series, currently he's 'The Devil' with and without the necklace, and if you remember 'The Devil' back during "The Devil Inside" you'll remember the devil NEVER had a very THICK british accent (though what Jesse did in the party video WAS borderline Aussie lol) also you might recall Jesse has/had a crush on Karen. Now... The TV Show "Lucifer" which JUST got canceled after 4 seasons and MAY get a 5th season or movie via Netflix (Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix right now if you want to check it out) stars Lucifer Morningstar (The Devil with a thick british accent) comes up from running hell for a little vacation on earth and decides to stay, one of his powers it to 'make' people tell him their deepest desires and it works on EVERYONE except for "Chloe" he falls for her and also realizes that he looses his powers AND his immortality whenever she is within X feet of him and this makes for some VERY interesting situations. SO what I've been seeing with Jesse and Karen is a LOT like Lucifer and Chloe! Other popular theory about this is that since the money is actually Karen's story Jesse has no power over her
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    yes, as I said though, you said something/asked something and they replied, it was not an attack, IF it was an attack there would have been name calling or bully type text IE: are you stupid, dumb, etc, the "who are you" was NOT an attack sentence though it COULD have been handled a bit lighter. The "who are you" comment DOES fit when yours ended with "what's the point" Sadly it's just the way the internet works, it's VERY hard to tell actual intent via text, so many times people jump on the defense ESPECIALLY when it comes to their fandoms
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    Actually they were replying to my reply to someone I had said I didn't get the point to swift leaving for no reason if he wasn't gonna do anything aka becoming a firefighter and they took as me basically not supporting him I guess? Which is not true at all I fully support him but the way they commented seemed kinda over reacting mostly the last part by saying who are you to say what's the point to someone leaving their job Which I certainly wasn't doing that it was took way out of context
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    My first is hard to remember but I believe the ones I saw were between 2014 _ 2015 mid season of the Psycho Series, Thus I believe Destroy's Christmas Tree. Love everything so much. I've watched it and it's very believable and heart-wrenching and funny dark and cynical at times and when it came to the BTS it really is a warp to the Mind seeing how He (Jesse) Put all together and who he could get to Play in certain roles and seasons of it. and Neighbors to Join in not just the Stalhberger Family He's known since childhood but in general close by people. He's a Natural born Genius Talent.
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    Hey Guys. This is My First Forum. So Guys, What Are Your Thoughts About Michael And Bridgette's New Baby, Is It A Boy Or Girl, Etc.
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    oh jesus haha for real, good for them!
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    Really happy for them! I'm betting a boy
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    Hey! I am going to vidcon this year too!! Do you live in southern cali? I am missing the west coast sunshine and the beaches right now lol.
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    I'm lovin it. It kinda feels PS-esque with the reoccuring characters and real life progression. Not to mention Jesse's "dumb" moves and psycho dad freakouts.