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    Does anyone here do artwork like me? sometimes I feel like i'm one of the small amounts of artist juggies here who do artwork. If ya'll do some, feel free to show me some examples! I'd love to see them 😄 Here's some of mine ❤️ These are the only good examples that fit. I even drew my icon xD
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    Hi All, I was wondering if there were any smart juggies that wanted to discuss the current series. By smart I am referring to the professional wrestling context, as in smart mark; i.e. the people that actually understood the destroying AGP's ashes video. I am enjoying the house hunting series, but I'm glad they wrapped up the cribs episodes, was getting a bit much. I'm pretty excited for the Mortgage Lady meeting, a good turning point. I mean there's not gonna be a "Mortgage Paperwork" series, so this should be a good blow off episode or two. From a character perspective, I get a very Judge Judy vibe from Lisa, for obvious reasons, but I don't think she is going to be the one that throws Jesse out. I am thinking Connie is going to, she seems like the business woman of the two. I could easily see Connie saying a Psycho dad line or two, just as a nice farewell on the way out. And that way Lisa can still be the "nice" one. Plus it would be really easy to write Connie into that, she doesn't have a lot of character development as of yet. This is where I'm gonna go out on a limb; I'm also speculating a back-stab from Karen. I can definitely see a super passive-aggressive "Oh well, too bad" moment, but I haven't put together the scenario that would justify it yet. Any comments or theories anyone would like to share? *Sorry if I misspelled the names
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    Honestly I always found them hilarious. Even funnier then the originals in my opinion. ESPECIALLY the parody videos where they were pirates and all. And the Mii video LOL Not to mention in one of them Psycho dad came out in a dress and a wig and acted like Terry in the xbox one LOL
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    Now that I think about it, another theory comes to mind. Is Psycho Dad paying Lisa to do all this stuff for Jesse? There just so happens to be a realtor in his town willing to give Jesse an apartment for free, while they look at houses? (Psycho Dad did tell Jesse he'd help with an apartment.) Lisa started asking Jesse if he got his car back the day after it went missing from the house, and Psycho Dad didn't call the police to report it stolen. Lisa is constantly telling Jesse to talk to his dad after Jesse explained their relationship. Psycho Dad hasn't asked Jesse if he's going to be coming by to get any of his things, since Psycho Dad is getting updates from Lisa. One other question comes to mind, Jesse was looking through the yearly catalogues of home listings, upstairs in the realtor's office, but didn't look up his parent's home to see if it was in there? Maybe Lisa sold Psycho Dad their home. Is the town big enough for multiple realtors? Or, maybe Psycho Dad does the landscaping at the office. How many landscaping businesses would be able to stay open in a small town like East Bum? I'd love to hear what you guys think about this little theory.
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    Lisa to me seems like someone I just wouldn't trust, just the general vibe I am getting from her.
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    Tittle Says it all React if you Agree 🙂