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  1. If you look hard enough, I do believe you may find the answer to the question that is much desired...
  2. There are no shortcuts in life. To find that answer you must find it yourself! I would be wrong of me to simply give you the answer that I believe to be correct, though my thoughts may be shared soon through a series of code....
  3. Read (as in red) it, interesting book. Definitely hard to read at points, but opened my mind to different possibilities... your definitely getting somewhere, and maybe you to will find a theory that is believed to be correct.
  4. I speculate (one of my theories) that Jesse is doing something with rejection. Rejection in many different ways, whether that be sexuality, love, respect, by family, by etcetera....
  5. One of the most common I see is of a documentary revolving around angry grandpa, or even the one with Jesse getting a pitch agreed upon by a big movie/TV label.
  6. For everyone asking for my thoughts.... I have spent at least 30 hours examining and researching the meanings behind greenlight, and every possibilities surrounding the meanings, and I believe I have the answer. Though there are hundreds of possibilities, you may find one that suits best! Trust me if you look hard enough, and FAR enough, then you will find the answer your looking for... Stay Lit 🔥🔥🔥😉
  7. We are here to talk about the new series regarding the name, 'green light'. I believe I have found out what Jesse is talking about, and if I'm right, stuff is about to get really f*cking cool...