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  1. Tmann08

    Hello everyone

    Welcome 😀😀😀
  2. Tmann08

    All time favorite video

    Out of all the series’s, Vlogs etc what has been your favorite of all time videos Jesse has ever done and why?
  3. Tmann08


    All I know is if Jesse doesn’t buy some of the houses he’s seen I will haha. Jesse’s got some amazing house taste for sure 👌
  4. I love and have connected to all of Jesse’s characters in some way or another, but I have to say I want to see more of just Jesse as himself. He’s such an amazing and talented creator and I don’t think we get to see enough of him. I owe him a lot his videos have gotten me through a lot of bad times and he really inspires me everyday to continue fighting for my goals and dreams even if there’s people out there like friends and family who don’t get it and try to tear you down. You Rock Jesse! Keep it Ridgid 👌😎
  5. Tmann08

    Who Would You

    If you could meet someone dead or alive who would it be and why?
  6. Tmann08

    Let’s Connect

    Hey if you guys want to follow me on my social media the @ Names are below. Keep It Ridgid guys!! Twitter: TrevorMichael07 Instagram: TrevorMichael7 Snapchat: Tmann08
  7. Tmann08


    Heyyyyy fellow Juggies!!!!! This is so freakin cool getting to connect with everyone!!! I’ve been a Juggie since the Psycho Series first began and it’s been the coolest ride. I’ve met so many cool fellow juggies because of it. As far as my favorite series it has to be MVE!!! Jesse is literally such an amazing creator as well as one of my inspirations.