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  1. CorneliusHowlett

    Mcjuggernuggets is not the real JESSE RIDGWAY

    Swift has a red bellybutton
  2. The man you as Mcjuggernuggets is an imposter!!! He is a CLONE. Come on people, open your eyes. EVERYONE KNOWS CLONES DO NOT, I REPEAT, CLONES DO NOT HAVE BELLY BUTTONS!!! HE IS A CLONE FROM A PREVIOUS SERIES!!!!!! #THETRUTHUNVIELED
  3. CorneliusHowlett

    Jesse Ridgway & Personality Disorders

    Guys, I was just trolling/joking! I hope this website really comes to life. You'll see me post more random stuff in the future lol 😎 #JuggieForLife
  4. The many faces of Jesse Ridgway. Is he acting or is that a cover for his multiple personalities? His "Psycho Series" may not be that far off from the truth. Jesse is in fact the real psycho who hides behind his Juggies. I know this because, I too suffer from the same disorder and hide behind my 20 fans.
  5. If you and Shane collaborated that would be so cool and maybe you guys can teach each other different things! 🐱
  6. CorneliusHowlett

    Jesse's secret off camera life

    Did you know about Jesse's dark secret? Wait.. I've said too much.... ...
  7. CorneliusHowlett

    Jesse's secret off camera life

    What you didn't know is he already has his own "team 10" house and him and Lance Stewart are getting married on Halloween. I get my facts from a secret source. Lol
  8. CorneliusHowlett

    Jesse's secret off camera life

    Jesse's secret life