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  1. I did not make this video with the intent to bash, to hate, or to put down. I made this video with the intent of expressing my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I wanted to be very constructive and realistic with my reasoning in this video. If you like or dislike, agree or disagree, or whatever, please comment on the video or in here. I would really like to know your thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXR53RW-mOc&feature=youtu.be
  2. Now I am an older Juggie, and Jesse said he wanted to hear from older Juggies because we are a bit smarter. Now if I am being honest, if Jesse can afford it realistically, I would say that Jesse should buy the second log cabin. I would personally love to see him in there, if not the first one. It might not be as expensive as Muhammed's house, but if Jesse can in fact afford Muhammed's house, then he should get that one IF he can afford it. Honestly, while Muhammed's house is a nice one, I would realistically look at the second log cabin.
  3. KWS-712


    I think this post is pretty humble. I like it. You live in Pakistan? Pretty sweet! How is it over there?
  4. KWS-712

    Realtors Company

    Do not call them, please. This is The Psycho Series all over again with you guys. Leave legitimate businesses alone.
  5. KWS-712

    Found a place for Jesse

    The 404 was not found; broken link. Also, the link is a dead giveaway for what you were alluding to.
  6. KWS-712

    What house will Jesse get?!

    I hope not the house next to Lance's house. Poor Lance. I may not like his content, but I feel bad for him whenever Jesse acts gay around him. It was uncomfortable to watch him barge into his house and hear him say they were kinda dating around. If anything, he needs that second log cabin. Lance also needs to place a restraining order against Jesse if it continues.
  7. KWS-712

    Jesse at 35 yo

    Yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable.
  8. KWS-712

    Favourite Mcjuggernuggets series?

    Easily The Psycho Series. MVE was tremendously unpopular in my opinion.
  9. KWS-712

    McJuggerNuggets Meets Chris Hansen

    Now I want to start watching Eva.
  10. So I made a post in General regarding Jesse's spending when it could have done in The Real Life of Jesse Ridgway in Video Discussions. I never saw Video Discussions and I did see a self-promotion section. I think that Video Discussions should take priority over self-promotion. Sorry if this is very petty, but I do think that VD should take priority. I do not really care what people have to promote, no offense to anyone. Image for reference.
  11. KWS-712

    [PENDING] Gaming section

    I think that should go in the Promote Yourself section.
  12. No. He will get sued and charged for trespass and destruction of private property. He might want to think twice.
  13. KWS-712

    Jesse at 35 yo

    Exactly what you said. With the current state of YouTube, I would want to see Jesse go down a better path and move onto a newer platform. I want the old Jesse back. I want the Jesse who would swear and take off the majority of his clothes when he freaks out back. That is the classic Jesse; the Jesse we all know and love. At least the pre-C-R-I-S-I-S fans. This modernized Jesse with the "bro bro bro" and the "yeet," this is not the real Jesse. This is an annoying Jesse (in my objective view) who is trying to appease corporate by being "family friendly" and (dare I say) "inclusive." I think this is a tremendous roadblock to Jesse's creativity. In fact, when things were hitting the fan majorly on YouTube, I remember Jesse saying that what happened majorly impacted a series that Jesse was working on. This leads me to believe that because of how things are now on YouTube, there might have been a canceled series (that might be brought up again in the future,) or it might have been My Virtual Escape. I hope YouTube becomes significantly better in ten years, or something new comes in. EDIT: I forgot to mention that even the guys at LArry's Lounge are annoyed with the "bro bro bro" thing. YouTube's new ways were they crack down on swearing and anything that is not "family friendly" is bad in itself.
  14. KWS-712

    Jesse's spending is irresponsible.

    I tried to clarify that it was a series by adding (character.) This is a series. What his character is doing is not good at all.
  15. KWS-712


    Yeah, I would say by April.