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  1. Jon_NiceGuy

    What's up Juggies!

    @Brandie333 I just saw this now but yes I do. Been living in OC for awhile. I'll see you at Vidcon as well this year! πŸ™‚
  2. Jon_NiceGuy

    Hey it's Colby!

  3. Jon_NiceGuy

    Hey it's Colby!

  4. Jon_NiceGuy

    Hello, it’s DinoYT

    I'm watching you >:) @DinoYT
  5. Jon_NiceGuy

    What's up Juggies!

    Thanks! Glad to be here πŸ™‚
  6. Jon_NiceGuy

    What's up Juggies!

    Only time will tell my friend
  7. Jon_NiceGuy

    What's up Juggies!

    @brittanyduke_ Hell yeah! @OmegaStudiosI do too. I need to talk to more Juggies. Thanks! @3DLoki Thanks Loki hopefully I get to know you more as well too. @Sunstone Hopefully you can it's #funtimes and thanks I've seen you around on twitter.
  8. Jon_NiceGuy

    What's up Juggies!

    What's up I'm Jon from California mostly known by other Juggies from Vidcon meet ups! Glad we have an official forums now! S/O to the Vidcon Squad! Who's attending Vidcon 2019 hmu!