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  1. Brandie333


    What do you guys think the meaning of the crocked mirror is? Gotta love the good ol psycho vids!
  2. Brandie333


    same 😄
  3. Brandie333

    Daddy Chill

    I think so
  4. Brandie333

    Michael and Bridgette is Having A Baby!

    Really happy for them! I'm betting a boy
  5. Brandie333


    HA! funny how he doesn't care as much now that storyfire is something he is really focused on. 😛
  6. Brandie333

    Why I won't/can't switch to Storyfire

    Yeah, it seems like we can only get access to the video once jesse tweets out the link so unfortunately we gotta wait for that (for viewing on the web), but I know they are working on it.
  7. Brandie333

    Is Jesse actually leaving YouTube?!

    He is not leaving youtube completely..at least not until the ship sinks haha! He will post probably about once or twice a week on Youtube, but more frequently on SF so make sure to follow him there. I would think that he would post the more day to day vlogs on SF and bigger vids on youtube..at least for now.
  8. Brandie333


    Welcome! ❤️
  9. Brandie333

    Introduction to ReverseJosh

    Hey ReverseJosh! I miss Eagle's Landing! Yeah, I've seen you around! welcome to the forums! 😄
  10. Brandie333

    Hello Hellooooooo

    Somefuntimes...I think me and you asked a ton of questions to larry recently lol
  11. Brandie333


    Jesse really is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story! ❤️
  12. Brandie333

    Hi anybody

    Hey! It's always nice to meet new juggies!!! Welcome!
  13. Brandie333

    What's up everyone!!

    Yoo double!!!!!! welcome!!!
  14. Brandie333

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Hey Kimmie! I think it is a series because anything Jesse uploads/posts ALWAYS is part of a series. There have been a couple exceptions, but 9.9999999 percent of the time we later find out it was all a series..everything. Yeah you are right in that jesse does do things to possibly hurt himself for the vids..he is like a stuntman lol. As for the ambulance and stuff being there, I was reminded by another juggie that whenever stunts or anything that could possibly be dangerous, is happening for a video, cops and the paramedics are there to make sure everything is ok. I believe in truth in everything, but moreso in what is being said and the motives behind the actions. The truth drives the series imo. I just go by past experience and just expect it to be nothing more than a set up.