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  1. Title, really. I think it's a movie or TV show that has been "Greenlit" which is a term used to confirm a TV show or film for producing. Hence the "Greenlight"
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    Oh hell yeah! Let's go, Jess!
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    Ridgid Studios Discord Server?

    There's already... kinda one. More so just a McJuggerNUggets server in General, owned by Ownage, https://discord.gg/9vmvZeS
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    The Green Light | What Do You Think?

    Often times, the term "Greenlight" means confirmation- and it's used in the film industry a lot to indicate if a film will be made or not. Knowing Jesse, and his film savvy ways- and his ominous tweet about how he's "dreamed of this since he was a child" (WHatever that means) and his talks with Mike, perhaps a TV show or a film was picked up by someone- and Mike and Jesse are actors/producers on it. Or I'm fucking retarded and it has nothing to do with anything I just said.