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  1. Being from the Uk, and wanting to meet the guy's and females behind your channel it would be nan amazing experience. Do you have any future plans to tour and do a meet and greet in the United Kingdom?
  2. I've also obtained, the address and phone number. along with Karen's facebook account... I was just bored and looking for information lol.. I've blurred it for protection. so non of you kiddies go calling it lol.
  3. Lee

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Also the reason am calling fake, is because the dad seemed hella calm ion the phone. yet he loved the car more than anything.
  4. Lee

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Just because their are marks on the ground, doesn't mean it's real. they could have easily been placed their for an EFFECT. That machine that we seen in the video tipping the car to it's original side. was probably used to tip it upside down.
  5. Lee

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Why are people even debating this? It's all part of the story.. Jesse said himself where going to see something that's never been done before.. So this is probably what he's on about.. And for those who've never seen a car crash before. YES ALL THE WINDOWS would be shattered it doesn't matter how the car crashed all windows would be impacted. hardly any window was smashed on the car. And it looks like the car was put upside on purpose It's called a STUNT.
  6. Lee


    I'm hoping he gains 4 million by the end of the year. maybe when he's fully moved into the pad....
  7. Lee

    The Necklace Size

    Using it's power maybe? or each time he asks for a wish and it's granted?
  8. Jesse needs to make a Haunted Series like I mean make it so it lasts an entire season. He's a genius when it comes to writing and directing.
  9. He's more than likely edited it so it will be in the next vlog.
  10. I personally think it has something to do with the negatives and photographs they found when they did that haunted episode in Kidbehindthecameras attick...
  11. Has anyone ever had that feeling when you've not sneezed for a few days but need too?. You try looking at the sun but all that does is make your eye's burn?. I've tried poking things up my nose but nothing lol.
  12. Lee

    Known videos to have been taken down recently

    I thought I was going crazy, I received a notifcation from Jesse on his youtube channel to say the new video was up. Think it was titled something like Stealing juggies mobile from Psycho Dad`, luckily I managed to watch the entire video on my phone before it was taken down. But now it appears to be back up... I think it might have had something to do with the TITLE of the video. the word "stealing" maybe? I guess he just wasn't sure it would be OK or not to have.
  13. Hey man am not really a huge football fan to be honest, I only rarely watch my team when they are in a derby match against Everton or in fa cup or other cup match. Reading are actually pretty decent I always put a bet on them in my Accumlator bets on the weekend 🙂
  14. (A white car drives up the Mcjuggernuggets drive way, and Corn steps out). Corn: Want me to be your camera man again. Haa I laughed so hard at this..
  15. Lee

    $15000 Spending Spree

    I would personally buy a high end gaming PC....... I just hope his DAD doesn't find out because am pretty sure he'll still get statements and such..