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    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Aw thanks Anne! 🙂
  2. Sunstone

    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Thank you very much! 🙂
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    Hi and welcome for the second time haha 🙂
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    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Awww thank you Anne!!! I so appreciate that nice compliment! ❤️
  5. Sunstone

    Any artist Juggies?

    wow! I've never done digital art. I may have to try it out! :)
  6. Hey! My name is Mary Rock. I have an Associates degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Healthcare Business Management. I'm a StoryFire author and moderator. I now help moderate on three platforms, Twitch, StoryFire and this site. Colored Pencil Portraits is something I've learned to do in the last year, so when I can make time, I do that for a fee. I have multiple jobs lol some pay, some don't. I stay very busy. I'm also a mother of two very handsome young men. I loveeeeeee gaming!!!! I've known of Jesse since the Psycho Dad Shreds video games. I first saw that video when it went viral all over Facebook. I was absolutely heartbroken for who I thought at the time was a kid having his games shredded by his father. I didn't have time to get invested at that point or to find out if it was real or not, but I did check in on Jesse's channel once in a while. With little time to invest in the Psycho Series when it was live, as I said before, I didn't know if it was real or not so when I'd see Jesse being so emotionally abused by his father, I couldn't bear to watch more than what I did and even though I was intrigued, I was highly triggered....until I found out it was 100% fake. I was watching Kidbehindacamera when he did a collab with Jesse back in the fall of 2016. That reminded me to go check out the channel again and that's when I found out it was all staged. I got back on twitter and dropped Jesse a follow. I went back and watched the whole series. I was so amazed at what he'd accomplished and went through to do it, that I watched all other videos on the channel. I've been a hardcore juggie ever since.
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    Where's the heart button!!! lol
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    You should. I see potential.
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    Do you have a StoryFire account?
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    Any artist Juggies?

    I do. I do colored pencil portraits. You can view them in the Fan Art section. Nice work you have here. What software do you use for your art?
  11. Sunstone

    First Psycho Series Episode I’ve watched

    Mine was Shreds Video Games too!
  12. Sunstone

    Watching The Overachiever Series

    The G.A.M.E. is awesome. 🙂
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    Hello Juggies!

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you!
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    Excited to be here

    Hi and welcome! Nice to meet you! Thanks for introducing yourself!
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    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Why thank you! Colors show better in person. I have a sucky phone camera lol
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    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Ella ~ Beloved dog of the Ridgway family and cast member of Ridgid Studios. Love by the Juggies. ❤
  17. Sunstone

    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Colored pencil... MVE ~ "Isaac" portrayed by Jesse Ridgway
  18. Sunstone

    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Colored pencil... MVE ~ "Rebekah" portrayed by Kandis Orth
  19. Sunstone

    Fanart by Mary Rock

    MVE ~ Colored Pencil, "Arachnid" portrayed by Lorenz Abraham
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you have a great time here! 🙂
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    Just saying Hey!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here! 🙂
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    Hello hello!

    Welcome! Cool art!
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    Just sayin hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum! 🙂