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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/boogie2988/clip/ShakingSoftPresidentBudStar As you can see, boogie admits he took it. Also whos the most obsessed Jesse fan we know? Boogie.
  2. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Ok no need to be a cry baby about it, just looking into things! Thats what this forum is for!
  3. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Yes I realize that, but I'm saying your reasons for why it COULD be real, are not good reasons.
  4. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Yes of course you would! But thats not proof its real!!!
  5. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    No they are not. The car moving in one scene is not proof that the entire thing is real. And the reason I personally like to look into things is because I love the content, I dont get why whenever someone calls something fake they are deemed a hater. Jesse likes us to look into his content.
  6. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    I'm gonna debunk a few of your things on why its real. 1. Thats not a reason to say its real, and same with 2. 3. The car really isnt in bad shape, naturally if you flip a car over the windshield is going to smash. 5. They have destroyed cars in the past, Jesse dad has a backhoe, and this road is right near jesses house. They drove a truck into a swimming pool.
  7. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    No its definitely fake. This is a part of a series. I dont get why a lot of his hardcore fans, who were there during the psycho series think this is real and are telling him to get better soon. Its obviously fake but its enjoyable and they did a good job setting up the car accident.
  8. TheShinPin

    Thoughts on the car accident

    Hes already admitted that everything going on with his dad is a series when he was with Pickle boy, this is part of it.
  9. So in the most recent McJuggerNuggets video, we see Jesse stealing his dads antique car. Kinglink brought up the Idea of it being a separate car that Jesse bought for what is about to happen. As you may have seen Jesse tweeted that a tragic event took place. We know by Lance Stewarts tweet https://twitter.com/Lance210/status/1101980058355408897 and his newest video, this tragic and terrible thing was them getting into a car accident in Jesses dads car. I have a few images of slight differences in the car now and when it was used in the devil inside series, but it could merely be reflections of light. New Video: https://imgur.com/s3dhbFr Old from Devil inside: https://imgur.com/NbdvC8M There may also be a few differences on the inside of the doors, but its very hard to tell. Not sure what to think, this car very well could be the original one we've seen but I thought Id throw it out there. At 13:36 you hear Jesse mention that this is where Swift, Mikey Manfas and Jake Duffner tied him up in a chair. Swift asks "That was you?" Interesting how he said that. He could be hinting at something like Isaac being back, but I dont think he is. I think this is just a little reference. Jesse also mentioned that he died once and that this is his second life, but let me know what you think.
  10. TheShinPin


    Loved it when Big Brudda came in.
  11. TheShinPin

    Devil Inside season 3?

    Its really looking like these "real life" videos are actually a continuation of the devil inside. With all the little hints and now the big reveal that everything happening is fake and everything else that was in "MCJUGGERNUGGETS DESTROYS ANGRY GRANDPA'S ASHES!" Would just like to know some opinions on what you guys think about it. Any theories and speculation on what might happen and how you feel about the series being continued. I personally really liked the devil inside series and id love to see it continued some way. Let me know what you think.