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  1. UPDATE: Haven't been on here in a while but just wanted to make a bit of an update about myself and what I've been up to since making my introduction post back in February. So I ended up just recently dropping out of University because it was incredibly hard for me and I had failed the first 2 units of the course which would mean already that I had failed the course. So that's not the greatest news but it's not going to stop me from pursuing my dreams and doing what I want in life, I'll going to something called TAFE, I believe they do not have that in the US or anywhere else but Australia but if you're from Australia you'll know what I'm talking about. So I'll be doing some similar courses through TAFE which mainly focus on practical instead of theory, as I know myself I am a lot better at practical work than theory. In regards to other stuff, I still love watching McJuggerNuggets along with his brother, family and other friends (Boogie, kidbehindthecamera), storyfire I love so much, i spend a lot of time on there reading and watching all sorts of things. I'm still into making YouTube videos and editing stuff but I believe one day I will end up moving over to storyfire but we'll see. Nothing has changed with me in regards to different games I play, I just pay everything lol. Well that's the update on me, hope all are doing well.
  2. Thank you, and thank you for allowing me to tell it 🙂
  3. So let's just start off with my name, not my real name of course because I like to keep myself anonymous evil laugh okay anyway, so my name is Hexenx, you can call me by that full name or Hexen or even just Hex, either one works for me. I've been watching McJuggerNuggets just before he started the Psycho Series, which is his most loved series by far. No doubt I believed that his videos were real, just like everyone else was believing, later on down the series videos started popping up with evidence as to his videos being fake, but I didn't care, because it was entertainment and it was his way of making money. Ever since then I've watched all of his videos and have left a like on pretty much all of his videos (I ain't going back through them all lol) Anyway a bit more about me, I'm 18 years old, living in Australia, just recently graduated High School, and moving onto bigger things in life, such as university for this year which I'll be studying teacher assisting with kids that have disabilities and just teacher assisting in general. I'm a big gamer, play all sorts of game, mainly Fortnite (yes I know), I used to play competitive Black Ops 2 on the PS3 back in the day but I stopped that after 4 years to focus on school. I love learning new things every day, especially when it comes to computers, I like coding / programming all sorts of things, web design, website creating in general, literally anything. I enjoy making YouTube videos, no I'm not a full time YouTuber and no I don't have a big channel, but I enjoy editing frag movies or just videos in general. Sometimes I'm quite awkward, not creepy awkward but sometimes when my friends are talking to me, I'm just staring at them blankly because I'm in a moment of thinking and sometimes it's literally impossible to get out of, I'm sure you's know what I'm talking about.. hopefully, ha ha yea okay this is awkward... moving on I'm quite open about a lot of things, obviously not my personal life, because well, it's my personal life, but really anything else I'm really open about. That's pretty much everything I have to say about myself, feel free to ask me any questions if want to, or not, it's your choice 🙂.