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  1. WolfManGaming83

    House Hunting

    Hey Jesse there are some places in my town you can rent or buy if you like it is a small town in Pennsylvania of Beaver County my town is called Midland if you want to move down alway from NJ and there is a subway in my town and a dollar store and rite aid as well and you can live in my town that be awesome.....DM me on twitter at WolfManGaming83 and on Facebook at Ralph Edward Wynn III anytime you wanna talk peace.Dont forget to add me on Xbox One at WolfManGaming83
  2. WolfManGaming83

    Hello Jesse

    Hey Jesse i was wondering if it is cool if you can add me on Xbox One my name there is WolfManGaming83 and i was wondering if it is cool if you can give me a shout out on your You Tube channel and twitter my channel on Mixer is Mixer.pro/WolfManGaming and Twitch.tv/WolfManGaming83 and on youtube is WolfManGaming83 it be awesome if we can chat sometimes on xbox live so i can pick your mind and get tips on how to be a better streamer.....Thanks and have a awesome day and i love your videos on youtube you have a great mind to entertain people and i think everyone else knows as well you are doing another Series right now on your channel and i have to say it is great.....Hope to talk to you soon on Xbox One.