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  1. So @flame64 Would you have any thoughts on my theory?
  2. So, I've just started watching Larry's video. I've not finished it yet but just had a flash of inspiration. I wonder if Larry's video is leading to Tom becoming unsettled at home giving us Jesse, Swift, JT, Tom and possibly Dom moving into what will become Ridgway Studios YouTuber House. Thoughts anyone?
  3. speedybird

    The Green Light | What Do You Think?

    I think you'll find there's already a thread about this with quite interesting discussion going on. 😻❤️
  4. speedybird

    What Drew You to Mcjuggernuggets?

    I had just started watching YouTube instead of just using it to save my personal videos, in June of 2016. I also started using my Twitter account that I'd owned for 7 years! It was around Vidcon time and I'd be watching videos but seeing videos in my recommended with titles like 'searching for Mcjuggernuggets' 'where is McJuggernuggets?' and I became intrigued of who or what this 'McJuggernuggets' was. I then went to his channel and watched 'A REAL Big Announcement' released on 25th June 2016. This story as told by Jesse of what he and his family had accomplished over the years of 'The Psycho Series' was enough to make me subscribe, binge watch EVERY video in the Psycho Series at the same time as watching every single series and video since. He is my favourite Creator and one of a very few creators who I wait impatiently for his videos to 'pop up' in my sub box. I love his story telling. I love discussing with friends about what the hell might be going on in his latest video or series. I'm 51 years old and had I seen any of the Psycho videos on their own, I probably would have dismissed them as being stupid and not watched but its his genius story telling that keeps me engaged. I like the fact that he's part of an extremely loving family and is generally an all round good person. There is no one else like Jesse Ridgway aka McJuggernuggets and I truly hope he stays on You Tube for a long while yet! Keep It RiDGiD!
  5. speedybird

    Got my necklaces!!

    Wow! they look stunning in real life! I think we may find that they'll both become more important as the series progresses!😻❤️
  6. I totally agree with you. I've been watching his figures on Social Blade and things are most definitely improving for his channel. Also JT's BigBrudda's channel is growing at an epic rate. His videos are also getting decent viewing figures and if he continues to gain subscribers the way he is doing, he should hit 'the magic million' well before the year ends. Nothing would please me more than to see them all hit the algorithm again !
  7. speedybird

    The current Series

    @kimmierose2k26 i was shocked too but found it to be a hilarious episode. 'Lisa' is a great and funny actor! 😻
  8. speedybird

    Jesse Ridgway & Personality Disorders

    I don't think for a minute Jesse has a Multiple Personality Disorder of any kind. He went to College to gain Film Making and acting qualifications. Put those together with his genius writing skills and pure talent, you get a method Actor who can nip in and out seamlessly of different characters. I have to say also that Jesse has never said anything about having a Multiple Personality Disorder and its very dangerous to try and diagnose someone unless you have the qualifications to do so and/or are a certified Psychiatrist, Therapist or Doctor. I'm very sorry you have this disorder and feel the need to hide behind your fans. Are you receiving help from your Doctor or Therapist? I hope you feel better soon ❤️
  9. @flame64Are you going to share your thoughts with us? 😁
  10. @kimmierose2k26 I didn't really come up with those thoughts on my own. It was with help from what everyone else posted but mainly what @Joshua Lastersaid that gave me the main idea though. I did miss the most obvious 'staring at me in the face' point though and that we are on the year of 'The Green Light' and that Michael and AGP's name is 'Green' It took @Brandie333 telling me how clever of me it was to put 2 and 2 together when the 'Green' surname hadn't even entered my head at all ! 😂🤦🏽 Of course, its all only speculation though. Its unheard of for me to guess a plot line this early on !
  11. speedybird

    [APPROVED] Reaction Limits

    Thanks again for bringing me to this thread @jonbeard, makes perfect sense to have it all in one thread. Also, thanks so much for removing the restriction. That reaction button is really handy when you log in and have 86 notifications 😂
  12. Thanks for that info @Joshua Laster. With the way things have been going recently with his trip to Michael's, the scene with the Urn, the comment 'See you in LA', buying a house (pursuit of the 'American Dream), The urn being a 'catalyst', I am wondering if Jesse is doing a movie based on the life of Charles Green AKA 'Angry Grandpa' and the Green family. This would be the true story of their literal 'rags to riches' life, with the Patriarch of the family being AGP. I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this!
  13. speedybird

    [APPROVED] Reaction Limits

    Hi @jonbeard Many thanks for your reply to my message which brought me to this thread. Apologies for messaging you directly but this question hadn't been raised when I messaged you last night. I figured that with you being Webmaster, you would be able to answer the question as it may have been most likely you who set the limits. Great website BTW, I'm loving it already! regards Nicky ❤️
  14. speedybird

    Favorite Psycho Series Moment / Video

    Oh this is easy for me. Without doubt, and by far my favourite episode is 'The Interview' I've never laughed and cringed so much at one time. I can watch that episode over and over 😂😂
  15. speedybird

    This community is so nice!

    Heh there @SevenTomato3649 So glad you are enjoying the community and website. Us Juggies have needed something like this for a long time. I hope we get to see loads of theories coming up as well as being the best community on YouTube! ❤️