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  1. YaSQ

    Kicked Out Of My Apartment!

    He is about to get chased by the Italian mafia or Psycho dad is gonna take all the money because Jesse spent 15k on his credit card
  2. YaSQ


    I think this was a good decision to make. The property is huge and is similar to his father's house. He can always get a pool and other stuff he wants. He also has a lot of space for future projects
  3. YaSQ


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Its really good over here. Definitely not what the media shows everyone but lets not get into that.
  4. YaSQ


    Hey Guys! I'm a Juggie (of course) and i've been watching the channel since 2015. I am 15 and live in Pakistan. I love Jesse's videos and I have watched all of his videos ever since. I lured two of my friends into watching MJN and they love him! Me and my friends always talk about the videos and theories we come up with and I would love to discuss them here on this forum. I think this forum is a great idea and it can really turn into a great place if people join it. Looking forward to meet some Juggies here and make some friends :D