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    WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE! *Spoilers* I enjoyed this episode, it really felt like Jesse got check-mated. One thing I couldn't help but notice was that there was no scissor mark on the picture at the beginning, but they kind of explained that it was rigged, and he was going to go with the 3Mil house anyways. Big Bruddah came off a bit strong throughout the video, but it made sense. Essentially Jeffery is buying the house, as a "guarantor" Jeffery has to make the payments even if Jesse doesn't. The episode ended on a weird note, like it seemed like they were going for another cliff hanger, but felt more like a "Sad Trombone" moment. This was a really interesting series of events where Jesse basically got himself into an arguably worse position than he started in. He started out having nowhere to go, and worse case, moving in with Swift/Larry again. Now he has to pay a ton of money for a house he didn't really want. Live where you don't really want to be for free (maybe, if Swift doesn't mind), or live where you don't want to be and have to pay Big Bruddah for it. I was surprised that the house near Lance didn't get forgotten about like I had predicted... hmmm. If you were wondering, I personally liked the orange basement house. I'm not sure what to make of Lisa throwing Jesse out the next day, maybe she just wants to be done with it. But she knows how long it takes to close on a house, she was even talking about the 45 days in beginning for the Ali house. Maybe that's all Pyscho Dad paid for, *wink wink*. I still think it's weird Psycho Dad hasn't checked up on him at all since eviction day, it's been over a month... also Mom for that matter... maybe she has, I don't remember. She could be the one paying Lisa, now that I think of it. That is, if that is what's going on. I am personally not convinced yet that they have bought a house, such is the nature of Jesse's content, but the one they chose was a really good buy if it's real. Also, for how much they're foreshadow blowing things up, its definitely enough space to have a good boom. Enough space to explode like a nice, blue, New Holland 110TL with a 757C backhoe attachment...
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    Does Psycho Dad destroy Jesse's things at the realtor's office? First off, a small theory tangent, I've been pondering this for a little bit. I said the "Dad is paying Lisa" theory might be shot if Psycho Dad doesn't find out about the card this week. However, Jesse never told Lisa about the charges, just that he has his Dad's credit card. Lisa could assume that his Dad knows about the card, since his Dad is trying to help Jesse anyways, through paying her for the apartment and to find him a house. She just might not mention it to his Dad right away; maybe its something that comes up after Jesse has moved out of the office. In that case, the destruction video could be any time. Now for the destruction at the office, I really don't think there will be a destruction video there. Its such a weird space to work with from a creative perspective. There's so little room upstairs, they really can't smash stuff inside, plus they probably don't want to actually mess up their office. They'd most likely have to take it outside. Dad would have to take whatever he's going to destroy down the stairs, through the lobby and smash it in the street; or down the hallway, through that ghost office, into the warehouse/out to the lot in the back. All with Jesse and Swift chasing after him through the building; and possibly the rest of the realty crew. If they do have a Psycho Dad video there, I really hope they figure out how to use that weird little window into the warehouse. I can see the xbox getting thrown through it, but it's gotta be a spot on throw to blast right through, and not become a projectile bouncing around that room. Honestly I'm not convinced that his Dad will find out this week though. It seems like something Big Bruddah could use to blackmail Jesse for future videos.
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    *MORTGAGE DAY! Spoilers* So with the release of the the mortgage ladies episode, there were a few surprises that I guess put some holes in my theories. Over all I liked the episode, I think they were going for a "testifying in congress" kinda feel for the meeting, and Jesse was really squirming; twas delightful and cringey in the best way. Big Bruddah showing up to help Jesse was pretty interesting, they did a really good job hiding that fact in Jeffery's video. You kinda have to expect this to be a scheme Jeffery is playing. It gives Jeffery pretty much control over Jesse to basically demand whatever he wants. I mean, this could be the thing Jeffrey holds over Jesse for maybe the rest of his life. For the theories, I guess now that Lisa knows about the credit card, we will see what happens with his Dad. If his Dad never finds out, the "Dad is paying Lisa" theory is kinda dead. A Karen betrayal probably wont be happening either, there' not enough time to really develop that arc, but there may be a part she could play. Connie could still be the one that throws Jesse out. Even though Lisa was the one to give Jesse the deadline to get out, Connie could still kick him out early. Especially with the things going on between Jesse and Karen, her daughter. Connie could misinterpret whats going on with Jesse helping Karen out with youtube, and kick him out before the end of the week. For the actual house, I don't really expect it to be any of the houses they've looked at. They were all like 5+ bedroom houses. I'm pretty sure it wont be "the one near Lance" either, I think that was a just a one-off for a video, and no one will ever mention it again. It would be funny if Jeffery switched the choice at the last minute and got Jesse a mobile home, but that is probably too similar to all the RV stuff they've done. I almost want to say they are going to build a home instead (Jeffery's actual house on the land he has), and make a series out of it. EDIT: After seeing Jeffery's "I have to sell everything" video, they are reminding everyone about that piece of land he has. I'm starting to think this theory about a house building series might hold water.
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    Jesse_Corpsing_Subbed.webm What this is all really about.
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    Psycho dad will probably be the one to show up and wreck things, he always does. It feels like the going away party and the eviction day all over again. Should be great. As for the secret among the three creators, I'm not sure about them moving in together, but it's not totally out there, for what is going on. "The year of the green light" to me, makes me think of kickstarter and indegogo. Like they are going to launch a legitimate film production operation to shoot a new series. (Side note, if that is the case, I am praying it doesn't end up being a "YouTube Original", that would be such a disappointment) It also seemed like the whole time Jesse was at Mike's house, he was working on a script. I need to catch up on Boogie's content. The Karen backstab idea kind of came from this impression I got, like she could flip a switch and turn all Mean Girls on Jesse. Not sure why. I need to watch the vids again if they are still up, but I don't think Jesse told Lisa that he had his Dad's credit card. Just that he some how got a great credit score after not having one at all. Yeah we really wont know for sure what's going on, I just saw the new vids earlier today from him and his brother about Dad finding the charges.
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    Isaac is probably my favorite character of Jesse's. I haven't caught all the Q&A/ BTS vids, but I always wondered how nervous Jesse and him mom must have been in those kidnapping videos. Like when they were on the side of the road, and she's running around with her hands and mouth duct taped, with cars passing by. They had to be so on edge that a random police office could come driving by at any second. All the hints Jesse has been dropping is pointing towards an Isaac return, year of the green light.
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    Now that I think about it, another theory comes to mind. Is Psycho Dad paying Lisa to do all this stuff for Jesse? There just so happens to be a realtor in his town willing to give Jesse an apartment for free, while they look at houses? (Psycho Dad did tell Jesse he'd help with an apartment.) Lisa started asking Jesse if he got his car back the day after it went missing from the house, and Psycho Dad didn't call the police to report it stolen. Lisa is constantly telling Jesse to talk to his dad after Jesse explained their relationship. Psycho Dad hasn't asked Jesse if he's going to be coming by to get any of his things, since Psycho Dad is getting updates from Lisa. One other question comes to mind, Jesse was looking through the yearly catalogues of home listings, upstairs in the realtor's office, but didn't look up his parent's home to see if it was in there? Maybe Lisa sold Psycho Dad their home. Is the town big enough for multiple realtors? Or, maybe Psycho Dad does the landscaping at the office. How many landscaping businesses would be able to stay open in a small town like East Bum? I'd love to hear what you guys think about this little theory.
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    Hi All, I was wondering if there were any smart juggies that wanted to discuss the current series. By smart I am referring to the professional wrestling context, as in smart mark; i.e. the people that actually understood the destroying AGP's ashes video. I am enjoying the house hunting series, but I'm glad they wrapped up the cribs episodes, was getting a bit much. I'm pretty excited for the Mortgage Lady meeting, a good turning point. I mean there's not gonna be a "Mortgage Paperwork" series, so this should be a good blow off episode or two. From a character perspective, I get a very Judge Judy vibe from Lisa, for obvious reasons, but I don't think she is going to be the one that throws Jesse out. I am thinking Connie is going to, she seems like the business woman of the two. I could easily see Connie saying a Psycho dad line or two, just as a nice farewell on the way out. And that way Lisa can still be the "nice" one. Plus it would be really easy to write Connie into that, she doesn't have a lot of character development as of yet. This is where I'm gonna go out on a limb; I'm also speculating a back-stab from Karen. I can definitely see a super passive-aggressive "Oh well, too bad" moment, but I haven't put together the scenario that would justify it yet. Any comments or theories anyone would like to share? *Sorry if I misspelled the names