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  1. NCMountain90

    YouTube's Control ?

    About the future of YouTube I sadly feel like many of others not just Jesse Ridgway and Larry Abraham etc.. but thousands of others from Famous or Regulars that this site won't be there in another 5 Years because of how they treat Creators and small beginner YouTuber's it's just very sad to me I joined in 2005 at the very Dawn of it's discovery and it was by mentioning of family and I was 14 1/2 and was like wow a brand new platform to check out and Enjoy and now to look at it Nearly 15 years later and it crumbling it's like a dagger thrown at my Childhood and so I'm lost in how to approach staying the main reason is simple because of Jesse and the Family and the other people I care to about deeply to view daily but I've grown tired of their control over censorship DE-monetizing and Taking down videos and trying to strong arm creators in a corner of Silencing them to not speak out against this and it's pathetic and down right sick to me it's a sick cat N Mouse game and I believe some of the highest rank YouTube creators could seek Legal class action Lawsuits and or other means of taking on this Massive Corporation because enough is enough. I've sat back from 2010 to now and seen the Plato of the site crashing around me and it's clear that all these nice little tricks of adding features and AD's and other things are just a game to draw in more people to their game and it's a Scheme of theirs going on. that's all I am saying for now ... but I am a OG of the Site and have seen Many many many things over time and am very disappointed in how the site and people owning it have let it go and be ran and Lab ratted creators into shutting up about their mis-treatment.
  2. NCMountain90

    First Psycho Series Episode I’ve watched

    My first is hard to remember but I believe the ones I saw were between 2014 _ 2015 mid season of the Psycho Series, Thus I believe Destroy's Christmas Tree. Love everything so much. I've watched it and it's very believable and heart-wrenching and funny dark and cynical at times and when it came to the BTS it really is a warp to the Mind seeing how He (Jesse) Put all together and who he could get to Play in certain roles and seasons of it. and Neighbors to Join in not just the Stalhberger Family He's known since childhood but in general close by people. He's a Natural born Genius Talent.