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  1. Well, thats quite...unfortunate to say the least. I guess thats what happens...sometimes unfortunately. They really need to know better.
  2. Cantra

    Fanart by Mary Rock

    Oh wow, that's quite amazing art! If you are taking suggestions, draw Jeffery JR and SR at some point, that'd be great to see.
  3. Cantra

    Kicked Out Of My Apartment!

    The money is surely some kind of prop or series thing, this is surely a series of sorts, now.
  4. Knew it was coming, glad Karen rejected him because Jesse is so disordered with his life, and there is no way a girl would that attractive.
  5. This video honestly made me uncomfortable in many aspects, there is no way a man should act like that haha.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV7OSIdrAUY Hahaha! I was so happy to see Jeffery force Jesse to agree with him, there was no way in hell that Jesse would have gotten Ali's mansion or the others.
  7. Cantra


    Thank you?
  8. Cantra


    I do, but I don't really use it.
  9. This was a very interesting episode, today.
  10. Cantra


    In my dreams this morning, I had awoke in my bed and got on discord. However, my room was different, everything seemed different, it was as if I was actually there. In this alternate universe, Nazi Germany was lead by a cold, calculating individual instead of the heavily emotional Hitler, and they weren't genocidal maniacs, leading them to win the war. Germany had asserted it's dominance over Europe, and the Americans obliterated the Japanese Empire and would enter a cold war with Nazi Germany. One of my friends, were online but was very different and didn't understand the concept of me travelling realities. When I was in school it was also different, and one of my crushes was in 9th grade instead of 10th. In my woods, my area where I put things was lit up by a light, the people on my bus were different and in my room there was a sort of cutout in the wall much like a ductwork, though it was dirty and my dad and I were going to clean it.
  11. Karen is just so adorable.

  12. Cantra

    Smart Juggies

    Hmm, certainly sounds plausible. I also believe that Jesse's lies and antics, will hit him hard pretty soon. I want to see it him hard, I do not like the way he is going about buying a house.
  13. Cantra

    Smart Juggies

    Lisa to me seems like someone I just wouldn't trust, just the general vibe I am getting from her.
  14. Cantra

    Devil Inside season 3?

    I think it's honestly a mix of all of the series so far, I don't think it's a real life thing.
  15. The title said 'buying', when he wasn't buying at all.