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Found 45 results

  1. None of Jesse's videos are available right now? Did his channel get deleted??????
  2. In my opinion i think Jesse should bring back daily uploads! : )
  3. There should be a Ridgid Studios Discord I think it would be fun to have and chat with fellow juggies on React if you Agree 🙂
  4. McJuggerNuggets is a Clone and i got Proof React if you Agree 🙂 Real McJuggerNuggets Clone of McJuggerNuggets
  5. Rendvend

    How do you do your hair?

    Your hair looks amazing. I'm fixing to get contacts and get rid of my bangs. I like how you style yours. Teach me your amazing hair styling ways!
  6. Noah Stickler


    Hey Juggies! I’m a die hard fan of all Jesse’s series. Made a Psycho Series poster a long time ago, thought I’d post it here.
  7. What first drew you to Mcjuggernuggets videos and what is it that kept you intrigued about him enough to become a full fledged juggie?
  8. Hey all, where do you see this going now that Jesse is going to live at the Realtors office? How long do you think Jesse will stay there?
  9. Hey there everyone, what are some of your favorite videos from the Psycho Series?
  10. Come on Juggies! let's get @McJuggernuggets 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. I bet you guys i would definitely cry when Jesse hit 4 million subscribers. Doing this for you bro. Love ya
  11. He's met with Lance Stewart, Boogie2988, KidBehindtheCamera, Keemstar, and more. But is there someone you would love to see Jesse work with?
  12. I came across this issue when trying to like people's posts. *See pic
  13. Noelle_T_XOXO

    Book Signing Tour

    Are you considering a book tour in the states AND in different countries?
  14. Noelle_T_XOXO

    Noelle Traghella

    Hi! My name is Noelle and I am 19 years old. I graduated high school June of 2018. A little bit about me is that I am more on the quiet/shy/anxious side in person, but online I am more myself as I feel like my online friends have much more in common with me, etc. I am a very family oriented and I am a huge animal person! My family is a family of 6, and I have 3 pets: two cats and a guinea pig. I am someone who is very passionate about working with kids and young adults with special needs. I have a lot of experience working with a variety of people throughout the years. Nothing to me is more rewarding then working with them and seeing their progress! Anyways, now to talk about McJuggerNuggets. I discovered him when I was 16, it was November of 2015 when I found a video of his in my suggestions. At first, I had no idea what to think. The suggested video was a recent video he had posted, it was during the time of the whole split thanksgiving time. After I had watched that, I was very curious to check out more of his videos and since then, I was addicted to the videos! I cant believe it's been over 3 years since I have been watching him for, feels like only yesterday haha. I'll never forget the day I was able to meet him at the MVE live show in NYC, as much as how much of an embarrassment I was at first lol. I'm most likely going to Vidcon this year, so that'll be fun! Don't want to make this any longer, so I will stop here. Hope you Juggies are doing well! If anyone ever needs to talk to someone about anything, don't hesitate to message me or something! There is always someone to go to. ❤️
  15. yegstv

    YegsTv Here

    Yo! I'm Yegs! You might recognize me from the Devil Inside series. Freaking Isaac kidnapped me at VidCon. But thank god for that food reviewing wizard. I have also won 4 #MMM contests when it was still a thing 😞 I'm 17 years old I live in California I have a YouTube channel with 11,000 subscribers (YegsTv) REPLY to this if you want to talk!
  16. Mewz

    Ridged Studios App?

    Will there ever be the possibility to make an app for Ridged Studios? I believe it would be a lot more convenient for mobile users.
  17. When I interviewed Jesse at VidCon 2017, he told me he would be creating a character named Jonathan Yegs. And to this day, no such character has appeared in the McJuggerNuggets Universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZQKwghwRDQ
  18. Lostdwarf

    Favorite Prop

    What is your favorite prop from any series you've worked on? And do you still own it?