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Found 1 result

  1. Aaron Pounders


    Years and years, repetitive disaster I seen. Way back from Eagles landing and more that I viewed throughout the years. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. Looking up to Jesse while I connected to the situations he had gone through with his father to the way I seen life as my own. I am far younger than Jesse himself so I see him as a mentor, someone I look up to in a compassionate manor. I begged my mom for my red Juggie for life hoodie and now that the graphic novel came out I have that. I look at it all in a sentimental mindset as for I am connected to it because Jesse made us feel like we were a family, that we ment so much to him, made us feel more included than the people in our life. I feel connected in so many ways. Looking up to Jesse made me have dreams, I used to want to be a film director/actor, an accountant, a mayor, but my mindset is now locked on being electrician like Buzz. Jesse is my hero and will always be my hero, he inspires me to achieve and have success. I stay true to Thebes's saying Juggie for life, watching every video because I feel like I'm apart of some family that has been brung together.