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Found 2 results

  1. In this topic i'll be giving my thoughts on "Moving into a $1,000,000 Mansion!" and "Neighbors with lance stewart" Honestly, I really dig the log cabin that's right across from the 500K house he wanted but had gotten sold to someone else. It looks a lot more cool and not as open as the first log cabin in a previous upload. I think it looks both what he likes, and cozy. I also really like how the theater room looks more then the other cabin, but that's just me. I also like the stair case and the deer on the fire place, it looks like he's at home with the deer. And the stairs fit in comfortably in the house. I never liked spiral stair cases, and it's placement just made the house look even more empty. The second house though is my favorite, SO MANY ROOMS! And that basement could have so much potential. I love the backyard too, 5 acres? that's really good. And everything looked so nicely furnished, I really wish he had gave the house a chance. There was another similar house that he had also shrugged off, and I can kinda understand why it's not as superior as the previous two houses. I love how Lisa still has no idea what Shrek is, and how her face looked as Swift and Jesse tried singing all star. The lance stewart video made me feel awkward. The house he checked out was pretty nice, i'll admit, but it was already gonna be another shrug. And he definitely is not a fan. Which is a bummer because the house is super secluded and private, and I think it even has speakers all around the house, it's really nice (It was either this house, or the other one, feel free to correct me). But my god I was so curious to see the house next to lances, and I hope tomorrow's vlog he'll check it out. But jesus, I cringed hard when they walked right into lances house. He looked so confused. And the "We've dated" line just- man that's awkward. Man Jesse is still the same awkward character as earlier in this series. Seems a tad to attached to lance. I love how Lisa around the ending was like "nope" and decided they were done for today, and how the blonde chick whose name I keep forgetting questioned him on if he has a crush. Her vibe still seems like she likes Jesse but she's also married, it's a conflicting dynamic but funny nonetheless. I find it funny how lance shoved jesse out and just let swift leave to his own accord, due to him and lance filming together one time (back when Swift was not Jesse's camera man, and worked for Bigbrudda entertainment). What are y'alls thoughts on the video? I'd like to hear it. 😄 Also I am digging the upload schedule being a bit more faster. Instead of waiting an entire 24 hours. Though this may change since he said the video was split into 2 parts.
  2. Today's new video was quite an interesting one! Not only did it clear up why the videos were taken down temporarily, but he also went to go and see more houses! and almost got found out by another one of his Juggie fans ("Jared"). Here's what I think about the video. Firstly, Lisa is very much up to something. She is getting real suspicious of Jesse now, and you can see her doubts pop up here and there throughout the video. Especially her little quip about "the sudden credit" he obtained. Jared did not do a good job with lying, as he stuttered a ton, which could've made it all the more suspicious (intentional or not). However it was enough to convince Lisa. The talk later in the video also made jesse mention the "video take downs" before they came to an agreement of a sort. Now onto what I think about the houses they viewed. And this is all up to personal opinion, mind you.* Firstly, that wood cabin is honestly really ugly. The space is swell, but it's TOO MUCH. It's too consistent with the wood and lacks any variety throughout the rooms. I know it's a cabin house, but the size is too much and the same ol' walls can get very jarring after a while. I was never a fan of large cabin homes anyways so this is just preference. I always liked the look of smaller cabins better, it gives it a more cozy feel. That 750K price range is also a bit risky even for Jesse. You'll tell right away I much prefer the second house he viewed. It looked cozy, but also spacious. I loved the backyard and it looks like a cul-de-sac (dead end street) neighborhood. Which looks swell in my opinion. The basement also looked nice, and there's a lot of rooms. the 300K pricerange is a bit much still, but definitely less and more prettier then the cabin. You can tell Jesse (in this series) is all about "the bigger the better" and very interested in all the unnecessary spaces and details. Like the theater room and all. This house is a more cozy home that I can see him living in. The woods not so much. You'd think the cabin look would make Jesse even reference the house he stayed at while in Arkansas with Boogie! but not a word was said. The house just gives me Boogie vibes too. But the second one feels like what lisa described- a more afforable, family home. I'd personally live in it. There's gonna be a point where psycho dad is gonna get involved, it's making me excited to see what will happen- or the police get involved, but who knows! I'm very excited to see what happens next. What do y'all think? I'll make a poll as well to see which house ya'll prefer too.