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First Psycho Series Episode I’ve watched

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The first one I’ve watched was “Psycho Family Thanksgiving” and me and my brothers were searching for stuff on YouTube to watch and my brothers thought “Man this family is crazy”, but I got intrigued and fascinated by how the series was, that I personally thought it was real for a little bit, up until psycho uncle impacts pool and that’s how I got started watching the psycho series.

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My first is hard to remember but I believe the ones I saw were between 2014 _ 2015 mid season of the Psycho Series, Thus I believe Destroy's Christmas Tree. Love everything so much. I've watched it and it's very believable and heart-wrenching and funny dark and cynical at times and when it came to the BTS it really is a warp to the Mind seeing how He (Jesse) Put all together and who he could get to Play in certain roles and seasons of it. and Neighbors to Join in not just the Stalhberger Family He's known since childhood but in general close by people. He's a Natural born Genius Talent. 

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