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Welcome to the new McJuggerNuggets website and community!

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Hey there Juggies!

This website has been built FOR the Juggie community, BY the Juggie community.


This has been a work in progress for about a month and half now. The goal of this new website is to give all Juggies a safe place to come and get to know your fellow Juggies. By now, the announcement has been made (I come from the future 😅) and you all are trying to figure out what is going on here. So let me give you a brief introduction:

First off, please know: We intend to make this a welcoming place (since the comment section on YouTube can be a bit much) for all the die-hard Juggies out there. Please, before posting, make yourself aware of the Rules

We have several different areas on the forums. Start off by Introducing Yourself and letting us know what your favorite hobbies are, where you're from, some of your favorite videos, etc etc! Say hello to the fellow newcomers!

Want to talk about current events? What your favorite video game is? What you're goals are in life? Head on over to Off Topic for every possible topic that you can think of!

Ever had a question that you wanted to ask Jesse, but can't ever be noticed? Then the Ask McJuggerNuggets section is great for you! Vote on your favorite questions to get more visibility and more chances for the questions to be answered!

And many more sections of the forums to be explored! Don't be shy! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Staff. You can find the whole Staff list by hovering over Browse > Staff on the menu, or by clicking here.

Keep it RiDGiD Juggies!

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