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For Juggies who are Gorillaz fans

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When the next set of posters where added during the first half of MVE, what did you think about him adding the "plastic beach" poster? I was personally excited! Were you guys excited too? 

Only downside is jesse didn't choose the poster because he liked it or anything, but because it was "emo shit" as quoted in a BTS video. Which gorillaz is NOT an emo band, and never was. It may of had dark undertones, but nothing very emo (Like my chemical romance or pierce the veil). 

The only story tie it had within the series was it was what he saw as emo, therefore it would complete his usual order of his posters having similar meanings as they get swapped out during the series. Especially the whole weed and video game symbolization. 

But as a die-hard fan of the gorillaz, i'm happy to see it included nonetheless. 🙂

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