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Dustin Johnson

About the graphic novel....

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Okay, i must emphasize, i'm not a hater of Jesse. I haven't actually read the graphic novel yet, but i have seen the premise of it. Does anyone else think it's a little.....silly? I read it has to do with superpowers, and magic stuff. It doesn't seem to fit the story of where all this came from. Family issues, EXTREME father and son issues, then, the Dad comes back from the dead. It just seems like a bit of a shark jumper to me. When the graphic novel was first announced, my idea was it would show how Jesse was living in Switzerland, dealing with his past. Also, running from the police who are hunting him down for killing Psycho Dad. We go from this....

Image result for you made me this way psycho series


To this....


Image result for psycho series graphic novel



You see the disconnect i'm having here? It just doesn't fit to me. The Psycho series was meant to be realistic, and then it's followed up in the form of a Marvel comic. Again, i don't hate Jesse' he is very creative, but i really think the graphic novel could have done without the whole...Superpower thing. 

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I get what youre saying. You should give it a read, though. Its absolutely hilarious for one. It makes fun of TPS in a very self aware way. The whole thing feels like a love letter to the fans. As for the "out there" aspects like the superpowers ya kinda just have to go with it. Its not TPS from the youtube videos.... Its more of a chance for imagination to run wild and see things jesse wouldnt be able to put in video.


Im also not the type to glorify anything jesse does so this isnt coming from that. I honestly really enjoyed it and bought two copies just so my gf and I could each have one. Obviously I didnt know beforehand that it was gonna be worth the buy but it was.

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