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Creating Written and Video Stories on Storyfire - Follow me!

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Hey guys, wanted to share with you what type of content I am currently making on Storyfire and about how I started with it. I've always been a fan of web series, film and video game machinima and the visual storytelling that Jesse does in his series definitely helped inspire me to make some of the content I have been working on as well. So when Storyfire became a thing, I was excited about what the platform could do. During the storyfire meetup in Vidcon 2017 - it was awesome to celebrate reaching 150k users on the app and now I recently just became a mod on there. Thank you guys for the amazing opportunity to create some cool stuff on the app.

Now 2 big series I am currently working on for Storyfire is my video series GTA Online Stories which is a machinima series which I roleplay as my in game character working to build a criminal empire. It is told cinematically through the Rockstar Editor and we are currently 6 episodes in, with the first season close to being finished! I have story planned for this and will be spending a good part of the year putting these out. You can find the series here:

The second series is a written story called Cold Year that follows the journey of a detective who is investigating an uprise in corruption, crime, and conspiracy in his city while learning the ropes of what it takes to be in the law enforcement. This series will be continuing some time in the summer time and hope to finish it this year.

Anyway, I hope you take the time out of your day to check them out and thanks for being part of the community! Awesome to see things moving forward!


- Stay Lit

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