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What if Karen has the same snapping powers? Another person on Reddit had the same theory as well 

I think that would be good with this storyline like her finding out she has snapping powers

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We were chatting about this in our Twitter chat earlier and something hit me....

As you prolly know Jesse LOVES putting book, movie and TV show tie-in's into his series and mini series, currently he's 'The Devil' with and without the necklace,  and if you remember 'The Devil' back during "The Devil Inside" you'll remember the devil NEVER had a very THICK british accent (though what Jesse did in the party video WAS borderline Aussie lol)  also you might recall Jesse has/had a crush on Karen.

Now...  The TV Show "Lucifer" which JUST got canceled after 4 seasons and MAY get a 5th season or movie via Netflix (Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix right now if you want to check it out) stars Lucifer Morningstar (The Devil with a thick british accent) comes up from running hell for a little vacation on earth and decides to stay, one of his powers it to 'make' people tell him their deepest desires and it works on EVERYONE except for "Chloe" he falls for her and also realizes that he looses his powers AND his immortality whenever she is within X feet of him and this makes for some VERY interesting situations.

SO what I've been seeing with Jesse and Karen is a LOT like Lucifer and Chloe!

Other popular theory about this is that since the money is actually Karen's story Jesse has no power over her

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